Tier 1 Team

Ian Hearne

Junior Consultancy Team Lead

Ian joined the team with Adrian in December 2017. In his previous life as an independent games designer, Ian developed very strong coding skills as well as an extraordinary attention to detail which he brings to his day-to-day work on the APSI team.

Games. Design. Man United.


Barry Thomas

Junior Consultant

Barry joined in January 2018, further defining the team as a detail-oriented powerhouse. After three years as a developer and eight as a real-time analyst, he prides himself on detecting and removing bugs in code. He’s a true investigator, finding the root of a problem and sourcing it out!

Gaming. Debugging. Development.


Theranga Gunasekera

Junior Consultant APAC

Theranga joined the Australian APSI division on June 2018. A Computing graduate of Swinburne University, Theranga focuses strongly on quality of work, communication and customer satisfaction.

Dancing. Travelling. Troubleshooting.


Kevin Kehoe

Junior Consultant






Mark Sunderland

Junior Consultant






Lynn Jacob

Triage Coordinator






Luiz Lopes

Junior Consultant