The Learning & Development Team in Japan

September has been a phenomenally busy month for our L&D department with the team fully immersed in ensuring that Agora Publishing Japan is fully prepared and ready for launch early next month.

The team have been involved with the APJ project since early June, working on the development of a suite of video and documentation content to help teach the fundamentals of lead generation, BlueShift. and Instapage. Once completed, all of this content was translated from English into Japanese which Bruno described as “the most fun aspect of the project to date”. As you can imagine, there aren’t a whole lot of native Japanese speakers to be found here in Ireland! 

With any new Affiliate launch, it is vital that the team receive the resources and training required to ensure that they are able to hit the ground running and maximise their chance of success. With this in mind, earlier this month, Bruno and Evan made their way from Waterford all the way to Osaka to provide a week’s worth of intense training across multiple systems.

Japan and Ireland aren’t exactly neighbouring islands, so how did the two guys make their way from the land of rainy mornings to the land of the rising sun?

Like a 2019 remake of “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, Bruno and Evan embarked on an epic 25-hour door to door journey that encompassed; a 5 am bus trip,  two flights, one very important duty-free visit and lastly, the Tokyo to Osaka bullet train. Finally, they arrived at their hotel with the prospect of catching up on some must needed sleep only to find that their hotel also doubled up as a concert venue!

Poor first night sleep aside, the majority of the week was spent delivering top-level training in BlueShift, FunnelCake, Advantage, and Instapages. With APJ set for an early October launch, it was vital that all of these bases were covered in as much depth and clarity as possible. On top of delivering their training, the guys got to know Taka and his team very well, building the foundations of what will no doubt become a close inter-team relationship.

Aside from the intense training schedule, Bruno and Evan we able to link up with fellow APSI members Seb, Marcus, and Theranga to explore the city of Osaka. Whether it was spending more than 2 hours looking for a KitKat factory or getting lost in a Pokémon Centre, what they found was an incredibly charming city defined by beautiful architecture and welcoming locals.

So, what were the main takeaways from the entire trip?

First and foremost, this was a cultural experience like no other. The sights and sounds of Osaka were worth the trip on their own, not to mention the all you can eat BBQ!

On a more serious note though, the level of excitement about the APJ project is palpable. Entering into a brand new market for the Agora, making use of cutting edge platforms like FunnelCake and BlueShift, these are seminal moments, not just for the L&D team but the Agora as a whole. The trip also provided a unique look at the level of cultural diversity present within the APSI ranks. Of the 5 APSI team members present for the APJ training, none had the same nationality (Brasil, Ireland, France, Lebanon, & Sri Lanka). At APSI we work closely with international Affiliates all over the world and are extremely proud of the fact that so many of us hail from different parts of the globe and this trip really brought that to the fore.

What better way to close out our first Japanese adventure than with a quote from Bruno Nardi himself:

For many members of the APJ team, this was their first real contact with the wider Agora world and it was brilliant for the L&D team to have been welcomed so warmly and we cannot wait to get back to Japanese soil in the coming months.