New Monthly Renewal Zambezi Report

Introducing the latest in the Zambezi lineup: The Monthly Renewal Zambezi Report

By popular demand, we’ve created another version of the Zambezi that focuses specifically on renewal efforts. With restrictions being imposed on how we are able to auto renew our subscribers, it’s more important than ever to focus on retention. The Monthly Renewal Zambezi Report highlights one aspect supporting retention and will report who’s doing renewal efforts and what offers are being promoted.

Some things to note:

  • This report will go out the first Wednesday of every month around 9 AM ET reporting on the previous month.
  • The source of this report is the same as the regular Zambezi so matches Sales Export Utility.
  • It includes special renewals, timed renewal series and renewal offers shown on websites that were taken online or offline. For those who speak Advantage, these are Promo Codes that start with 7, 8, 9, J, K, Q, R, Y.
  • It excludes auto renew or auto shipment orders or Promo Codes that start with A or S.
  • It excludes non-system Affiliate renewals, including Stansberry (aka S&A), Investor Place Media, Legacy Research Group, Stansberry Churchouse, TradeSmith, Brazil Empiricus, Brazil Jolivi, etc.
  • The revenue is converted to USD like the regular Zambezi.
  • You can click through on the Orders count to see the Promo Code detail.

Where to Find It

In your inbox! If you are not receiving the Zambezi reports, you can submit a request to

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