Jenny Phelan’s Aus-some Adventure

One of The Agora Companies in Australia found themselves in a marketing pinch. An emerging star, Jenny Phelan out of the international tech hub, APSI decided to raise her hand. She knew she could help this small team with some very big goals, and in the process get some invaluable experience. Now she’s in Australia and well-adjusted to life in Oz. As someone who loves to help onboard new employees and can empathize with learning new techniques, systems, and strategies, Jenny was the perfect candidate to extend APSI’s services to one of the Agora Companies.

Jenny’s first week in Oz

For your first time in Oz, what’s the biggest change so far coming from Ireland?

  • The city lifestyle accompanied with trams and skyscrapers are a major change from the hustle and bustle of Portlaw. The atmosphere here is buzzing with street art and music acts every day. There is always something going on.

Regrets on packing… or not packing?

  • I regret not packing warmer clothes! It was shocking to get off the plane and see my breath. I thought I’m in the wrong place. Then, it started raining which I quickly learned is typical Melbourne weather. My windbreaker, while waterproof, does not have a hood… so I recommend packing a jacket and a few jumpers. Thankfully, it’s heating up now [it’s summer in Australia].

First impressions of Australia

  • The colder temperature was definitely a surprise upon landing, but on my way to the hotel, I was taken away by how beautiful this city is. Melbourne is a stunning landscape, easily navigable, and those who live here are laidback and friendly.

So far, what has it been like working with Port Phillip?

  • The Port Phillip group are a hard-working and tight-knit group. Even with the daily pressures of running a financial publishing business and a shortage of internal staff, it has been amazing to see how committed and dedicated they are to their work.