IRIS January Update is Coming!

New IRIS Release 08.01.19

In this release, the IRIS team continue improving the application by optimizing its performance. There will be improvements across the application aimed at improving the user’s experience! Keep reading to see some highlights of this new release…

Unsubscribe Links in Lead Gen Conformation Emails

It will now be easier than ever to include unsubscribe links in confirmation emails, something which up until now required extensive workarounds. This feature supports GDPR requirements for making unsubscribing from a mailing list as easy as subscribing!





Multiple Subject Lines for Space Ads

You will now be able to store multiple subject lines for space ads so that you can select one of those stored subject lines on the effort.  You will also be able to type in a custom subject line directly on the effort. This feature will allow for faster set up of efforts and will help to prevent errors of manually entering subject lines.









Auto Shelving Trees

With this release, users will be given the option to shelve all trees which use a Creative once they opt to shelve the Creative. This will no longer be a manual process.











Access all Efforts Used When Shelving a Creative

With previous versions of IRIS, users were given a number of affected efforts when shelving a Creative but had no easy way to review these creatives. Now, when you shelve a creative, you will be given a link to the efforts affected.

See all Efforts in Queue

Users will now be able to access all efforts on the Queue and will be able to complete effort setups when the original creator is not available. There will be a “created by” column you can quickly identify who an effort belongs to.











Statistics Updates

It will now be easier than ever to view the statistics that are important to you. We have added the ability to sort the effort schedule by all statistic columns. We have also changed the name of the existing ‘Clicks to Promo’ column to ‘full promotion views’ on effort schedules.




We have also improved the date range drop down on effort scheduled by adding ‘next 7 days and ‘current week’.








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