Introducing Jason Blanche – APSI’s New Head of Support

APSI would like to formally welcome and introduce our new Head of Support, Jason Blanche. 

Jason grew up in New Ross County Wexford in the south-east of Ireland where he attended New Ross Vocational College. While he was a more than capable student, boxing is where Jason truly excelled. He amassed 4 national titles and captained the Irish national team at a series of multinational tournaments in an incredible 160 fight amateur career which saw him shortlisted for the 1992 Irish Olympic Team. 

It’s only natural that an amateur career of that level would breed aspirations of turning professional, a goal that he achieved in 1995. What followed was a 13 fight career that saw him, spar with Prince Naseem (yes that one!), gain a ranking of #9 in Britain and, attain a record of 12-1. 

So, how did he end up at APSI?

In truth, he fell out of love with the game. To quote the man himself, “amateur boxing is about the sport but professional boxing is about the business”. Leaving the world of professional boxing behind, Jason moved to London where he met his Australian born, and long-suffering, wife, Lisa. The two soon found themselves living in Dublin where Jason spent the next 5 years working in various IT roles with Anglo Irish bank. A chance encounter with a travelling motorcyclist planted the wanderlust seed that led to the purchase of a 4×4 jeep and a somewhat unconventional drive from Ireland to Australia.

With Melbourne, Australia as his home, Jason worked exclusively in ANZ Bank and then in Australia’s largest communications and telecom company, Telstra, as a Senior Implementation Manager. During his time with Telstra, he enjoyed enormous success and once again flew in the face of conventional wisdom by successfully adopting an ‘Agile’ project management approach to the delivery of large scale Cloud and Business solution projects. Previously, this approach had been thought to only be effective in a Dev/Ops environment but Jason and his team were able to deliver their solutions more quickly and efficiently than previously imagined. 

After 14 amazing years in Australia and with the addition of two young boys, Jason and his family caught the travel bug once again. In 2016 the Blanche’s settled in Santiago, Chile where they lived for 2 years before spending a further year in Cartagena, Colombia. In 2019 they completed their globe-trotting by returning to where it all began and once again found themselves in Ireland. 

Nothing about Jason’s life up to this point could be described as conventional and true to form he was adamant about finding a company that fit his mindset and ambition once he had returned home. In APSI and The Agora, he says that he has found his “perfect match”. When asked what it was about The Agora that made sure this was the place for him, he said, “Our appetite for being on the outer edge of the predictable, coupled with an amazing company ethos for empowering creativity and pioneering ingenuity is unique in comparison to the rigid and inflexible character of other global companies. But what truly makes APSI and The Agora unique is the people, we have some of the best people in APSI and The Agora that I’ve ever worked with I’m picking from a very large pool globally! I look forward to many more life building experiences in APSI and The Agora for the years to come.”