Getting Through The Holiday Rush in Oz

By now, you’ve become well-acquainted with Jenny Phelan’s adventure to Australia to help Port Phillip Publishing as an extension of APSI.

Before the holiday break, the Email Direct Marketing (EDM) team worked tirelessly to tie all loose ends and set up campaigns spanning from investing in gold, political markets in China, and even offering a USB Flash Drive shaped like a gold nugget (see below). And the best news of all – they’ve hired an addition to the team, Kim, who will take Jenny’s place when she leaves to return to Ireland. Kim has only been with the company since November, and he’s already proven to be a quick learner by easily getting his head around promo codes, pub codes, and setting up campaigns like a pro. 

It’s not all work, the Australian teams got together for their holiday party for some “spirited” team-building with a winery tour. Temperatures lately have averaged 30° C (86° F), a big difference from the typical dark by 3pm, chilly, Christmas season in Ireland that Jenny is used to. But she thinks the holiday party and even seeing a koala dressed as Santa has made it feel a bit more like home.

With her time in Australia nearly done, we’re happy that the EDM team has found a great co-pilot in Kim to take the reins and work within the lean team to get campaigns out the door. It’s rare to have these situations work out so smoothly, but that’s what APSI was created to be – the support each business needs whether it’s from the backend or having a person extend their services to keep it all moving.