Finding Community in Oz

You’ve already met corporate trainer, Jenny Phelan, who was able to travel from Waterford to Melbourne to support Port Phillip Publishing in a time of transition. She’s been in Australia for a month now and is flourishing in this fast-paced environment with the Email Direct Marketing (EDM) team – quickly learning how financial publishing works from the ground up. Just recently, she was able to meet International CEO Erika Nolan and CFO Bob Compton who were visiting the Port Phillip office. The message received from these Chief Executives rings true for any of the businesses we support – we’re a global community, and with that, we will offer an extension of our services where it matters most.

In Jenny’s case, her calling was to help this team in Melbourne where the appreciation for the community has never been stronger. And we’re all for it… especially when it involves a Friday barbecue.

FUN FACT| At the Friday barbecue, Jenny tried a kangaroo steak, perfectly prepared by Mitch from the Port Phillip design team. According to Jenny, “it was delicious. As cute as they are at the zoo, a big part of why I raised my hand to come here was to experience life as an Australian.”

Still, there’s something to be said about maintaining a connection to our roots. Jenny has also had the opportunity to explore Oz with her cousin and has even found an Irish community in Melbourne, which she admits has been an unexpected and special luxury. So far, she has been able to wander the city, explore the beaches, and visit the Melbourne zoo.