The stand out feature in the APSI calendar last month was undoubtedly the first annual APSI-Fest. Held over two days here in Waterford, the “micro con” saw Agorons from around the world and across both Central Services and Affiliate companies come together to listen, learn and discuss all things Agora.

The global nature of the attendees ensured a talent stacked lineup of speakers was on offer as a host of Central Services teams took the opportunity to highlight the latest developments in what they can offer affiliates. Indeed, the overarching takeaway from both days has been the importance of open communication and synergy between affiliates and all Central Service teams.

Reid McLaughlin, Grace Epperson, Daryl Berver, & Ciaran McGrath.

Key highlights from the event included talks on;


APSI’s own, Pierre Fetat gave an in depth presentation that explained exactly what Blueshift is and how it will work to replace Message Central. This included a brief demo of the platform.


Justin Bend took us through the legacy IRIS roadmap, detailing the timeline for the launch of  IRIS+. IRIS+ will be designed to empower marketers with the ability to produce the most innovative and effective digital user experiences possible. IRIS data will be integrated with Lytics in order to assist with the creation of customer profiles, driving lead generation and conversion development.

Justin Bend explaining all about IRIS+

Marketing Intelligence

Grace & Stephen gave a much needed overview of the wide variety of services that MI can provide and how our Affiliates can get the most out of working with them. In essence, MI act as an internal analytics and insights partner for our Affiliates. They provide a wealth of data that allows Affiliates to diagnose current campaigns and make predictions about future endeavours. They also carry out in-depth business reviews and strategic consultancy.

Grace Epperson & Stephen Stone gave a very inciteful presentation on MI.

If you have any questions about MI or if you’re not sure you’ve been taking full advantage of their full suite of services, please reach out to sstone@pubsvs.ie for more information.

SPINE & ThoughtSpot

David & Reid gave a brilliantly incisive talk on both SPINE and ThoughtSpot focussing on the exciting world of data science and customer data. 90% of all data produced by humans was produced in the past two years. This exponential growth in data volume is a clear indicator of its importance and impact on our daily lives. But with great data comes great responsibility and the need to move large quantities of customer data quickly, securely and effectively. Enter SPINE. SPINE is a framework that allows us to move customer data into Lytics in a matter of seconds rather than over the course of a number of days. Faster moving data means faster decision making capability which means increased business efficiency.

Reid McLaughlin & David Sweinfurth brought us through the exciting world of data.

The second component of their talk concerned ThoughtSpot. ThoughtSpot is a search driven data analytics platform. What in the world does that mean? It means that, based on a users search query, the platform will analyze and produce a graph that best fits a requested data set. This graph can then be altered and manipulated by the user to suit their needs. David gave a quick demo of this feature, showing us just how naturally intuitive the platform is.

We were so impressed with ThoughtSpot that the APSI team have since reached out to David and ThoughtSpot product owner, Rachel Kozloski, to arrange for training on the platform. This will allow us to instruct out Affiliates on how to take advantage of ThoughtSpot once it is rolled out for wider use.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time or scope for a newsletter to do any real justice to the content of the talks we heard but, fear not, as each presentation was recorded and will be made available soon. Please reach out to jblanche@pubsvs.ie for updates on when these videos will be available.

Speaking of Jason Blanche, when asked about how he felt about hosting his first conference as the Head of APSI he said, “It has been a great honor for us here in APSI to have hosted this event for our friends from around the globe. Getting to put faces to names and grow our working relationships beyond the confines of an email signature is absolutely priceless as we look to build real synergy between Central Services and our Affiliates.”

He also insisted that “it is vital that affiliates are informed and educated on what Central Service providers like MI, APSI and, Threefold have to offer. However, it is equally important that Central Services are aware of how our affiliates work and truly understand the “why” behind their needs and requests.”

Communication is key.

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